Single I Jax Hollow – Wolf In Sheepskin

The first single is “Wolf In Sheepskin” and shows Jax’s artistry as a songwriter, singer and guitar player

Nashville Americana singer-songwriter and virtuosic guitarist Jax Hollow manages to refine the heavier, rock ‘n’ roll machismo of previous work with producer Michael Wagener (Metallica, Skid Row, Motley Crew), distilling a more distinctive sound that yields progressive Southern rock and country twang, as well as expert songwriting on her sophomore album ‘Only the Wild Ones’ (out May 5).

Hollow has been featured on Lightning 100’s “Artist of the Week” and opened for Peter Karp (Mick Taylor, Sue Foley) and Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy) on her 2022 European tour.

Taken from the bio:
With an undercurrent of something more sinister to this sentiment brewing in the chorus: “Sunrise, waking up with my .45,” sings Hollow. “There’s a beautiful numbness in the midst of chaos.” she adds. “That’s why you see the scenes in movies where everyone is frantically running around, while the camera zooms in on the main character, ears ringing, silent, lost in thought.” 

The grim reality of the lonely existence that comes with perpetual touring is not lost on Hollow – who performs on commercial cruise ships without a permanent residence. The artist makes light of personal affronts (“I’m too feral for your heart / It’s just a waste of time”) and then leans into a more cathartic proclamation, belting, “I’m better sleeping alone!”


Jax Hollow - Wolf In Sheepskin