Twelve Bar Blues Band – Live


Twelve Bar Blues Band - Live

Twelve Bar Blues Band – Live
Format: CD
Label: Independent
Release: 2023

The Twelve Bar Blues Band, in short 12BBB, was one of the most successful blues bands in the Netherlands between 2005 and 2015. ln that period the band released 4 albums, with mainly originals all written by the two driving forces of the band, Jan J. Scherpenzeel a.k.a. JJ Sharp (vocals & harmonica) and Kees Dusink (lead & slide guitar).

In addition, 12BBB won Dutch Blues Foundation awards for “Best Dutch Blues Band”, “Best Dutch Guitarist” and “Best Dutch Bass Guitarist”.

In recent years the band members were frequently approached with attempts from fans and organizers to get the band back on stageagain. Partly because of this persistent call, Jan and Kees began to realize that they together formed a unique musical combination.

So, as time passed, they together decided to fulfill the many requests of blues fans and organizers and start a reunion tour. Former band members Patrick “Sideburn” Obrist (bass guitar) and Jeffrey van Duffelen(drums) immediately were enthusiastic to join the band again. New face in the band is the guitarist Peter Langerak, who took the role of rhythm guitarist. As Peter is also an excellent lead guitarist, new interesting possibilities arose for the band. Of course, the typical 12BBB sound has been kept, because that was where people asked for.

The live shows contain a selection of the best and well known 12BBB songs. To offer the fans a nice memory of the reunion tour, a live registration has been made at the Bluezy Blues Festival Ridderkerk – The Netherlands 2022.

The highlights of the show are brought together on this CD, simply titled: LIVE


01. The Blues Has Got Me
02. I Can’t Get Enough Of That Girl
03. Bluesman
04. Life Is Hard
05. You’ve Got To Move
06. Don’t Ask Me Why
07. Key To Your Heart
08. I Can Make Everything Alright

J.J. Sharp – lead vocals & harmonica
Kees Dusink – lead & slide guitar
Peter Langerak – rhythrn & lead guitar
Patrick “Sideburn” Obrist – bass
Jeffrey van Duffelen – drums

Twelve Bar Blues Band