Single I Chris O’Leary – Lost My Mind


Devastatingly soulful vocalist, dynamic harmonica master and superlative songwriter Chris O’Leary is among the blues and roots world’s most talented unsung heroes.

The award-winning O’Leary–disciple and friend of both The Band’s legendary drummer/vocalist/songwriter Levon Helm and iconic blues harmonica giant James Cotton–has been playing professionally since the 1990s, with five previous solo albums to his credit.

The Marine veteran, ex-Federal police officer, former lead singer of The Barn Burners (featuring Levon Helm on drums) and loving father has walked a hard line from his upstate New York home to stages all over the world. No Depression magazine says, “O’Leary’s voice contains startling emotion…reaching an intensity and emotional rawness [that’s] primal. The performances practically vibrate with an authenticity that stays with you.”


Chris O’Leary: Vocals and Harmonica
Chris Vitarello: Guitar
Jesse O’Brien: Piano
Andy Huenerberg: Bass
Michael Bram: Drums 

You broke my poor heart, baby
And that I’ll never forget
You called me lazy said I’m acting crazy
Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet
I’m sorry, baby
Once it’s lost it’s hard to find
I’ve been searching high, I’ve been searching low
But I swear I lost my mind

Yes, I went to the doctor, and I sent you the bill
He looked at my tests said you’re a mess and filled me up with pills
Don’t worry, baby, there’s no easy fix this time
There ain’t no surgical procedure
For a fool that’s lost his mind


I went to my mama’s house she said, “Boy you don’t look the same
You’ve been walking around here crazy
And that damned girl is to blame”
Can’t you see, baby
Like you did it by design
Next stop is the rubber room
Because I swear I lost my mind
I lost my mind

My daddy pulled me off to the side
And he slapped me upside the head
“Come back home, leave them girls alone,
Or you gonna wind up dead”
Well, I’m a mess I must confess and I ain’t right in the head
But if a woman kills me, I don’t mind dying
Just like Willie Mabon said
Don’t worry, baby
With a little luck, I’ll be just fine
She’s got my heart and all my money
She’s probably got my mind
I’ve been searching high, I’ve been searching low
But I swear I lost my mind

I’ve been searching high I been searching low
‘Cause I swear I lost my mind
I lost my mind

Chris O'Leary - Lost My Mind