Boogie Beasts – New single “Bring It On”

Belgian blues rock band Boogie Beasts celebrate their 10th anniversary and release a new single:

“Bring It On”

Right after the first lockdown, Boogie Beasts booked the GAM studio, in Waimes (B), to work on new songs. The band and their sound guy / producer Koenraad stayed in their ‘bubble’ for an entire week.

On the second day – as a warm up – they started jamming to a new bass line. Koenraad left the tape rolling all the time, so fortunately, that cool riff was recorded. When they listened to it again on the last day, they realised the idea had a lot of potential.
They decided to structure the new song by adding a melody and a bridge to it, as well as some slide guitar, giving it a bit of a ZZ Top feel.

They knew this one would turn out nicely. A few weeks later, during the final recording sessions at Studio Jupiter, they finished ‘Bring It On’. The ooh ooh’s were originally sung by Jan, but Koenraad still had some doubts.
He figured female backing vocals would do the trick, so he literally called in the girl next door: Rijkje Crommen. The producer was right after all.