Review: Linwood Taylor – Two Sides


Linwood Taylor – Two Sides

Linwood Taylor – Two Sides
Format: CD – Digital / Label: Capital Corridor
Release: 2024

Text: Pascal Wilhelm

Upon hearing the first track “I’m good” of Linwood Taylor’s ‘Two Sides’, I could immediately envision him playing in some small venue or bar. Raw and direct, no holding back, shooting from the hip.

The record collection of his dad at first budding his musical aspirations (that’s familiar!), Linwood came under the influence of the British Invasion. But it was Jimi Hendrix who gave him a purpose in life, he knew he just wanted to play the guitar and ROCK! He learned that guitar slingers who sing get more stage hours, so he set out to learn how to sing. Not an easy job for him, but his perseverance and discipline turned him into a poster boy for his vocal teacher.

Letting go of his day job at some point, Linwood is now making a living out of playing music. He also teaches guitar lessons in various styles. Washington Post writer Caro Rotella defines the “two sides” as the dreamer vs. the scuffler. Linwood might grow into the next big thing, but he might also remain a respected local bluesman, leading a modest life gigging and teaching.

But wait, this was twenty years ago! How is he now? Clicking his website leads to a 404, there is not much information on him on the net that I could find, but that could be me.

‘Two sides’ features Linwood originals and covers (e.g., Rollin’ And Tumblin’ and Dust My Broom), supported by guitarist Sol Roots on four songs, mostly major and minor blues and funky stuff with half of the (10) songs featuring Linwood playing acoustic guitar. Recorded mostly live (I think), the tracks where he plays the electric guitar stand out.

He uses a raunchy humbuckin’ rock guitar sound, but his playing is never over the top, placing him in the blues box more than the rock box. What I wish for Linwood is some more outspoken original work (in minor keys please) and a bigger recording budget for his (fourth?) record. He deserves it. Where are you, Linwood?

01. I’m Good
02. Psychic (feat. Sol Roots)
03. Safe to Say
04. I Wanna Get Funky (feat. Sol Roots)
05. Shake Your Hips
06. Love My Baby
07. Rollin’ And Tumblin’
08. Devil In The Details (feat. Sol Roots)
09. Dust My Broom
10. Psychic (Acoustic) (feat. Sol Roots)