Review: Greyhounds – Live On 29th Street Vol IV


Greyhounds - Live on 29th Street Vol IV

Greyhounds – Live On 29th Street Vol IV
Format: CD – Digital / Label: Independent
Release: 2024

Tekst: Pascal Wilhelm

Relax. Keyboardist Anthony Farrell and guitarist Andrew Trube will ease your mind. Groovy, smooth, and soulful. This live recording featuring Jay Mumford on drums is the perfect record for a sweet summer evening sitting outside while having a cocktail. The record contains nine songs, mostly medium tempo, and you can hear the musicians having fun while at the same time taking their craft very seriously.  

The Austin-based musicians have been making records since 2004 and this recording is their tenth. The songs from this album are mostly from previous albums; ‘Accumulator’ (2014), ‘Heaven on Earth’ (2015) and ‘Primates‘ (2020).

The band plays super funky, and Anthony’s voice is one to fall in love with (think Bill Withers). Recorded in a live environment without the audience being all too present, I imagine this record just fell into their laps. And now you can have it.

A special shout out for Jay Mumford who delivers excellent drum work reminiscent of the likes of Buddy Miles. This album is the successor of the album ‘Greybird’, which was released three months before this one (August 2023) and offers new material wrapped in a somewhat more modern production. Also highly recommended.

Fun fact is that the band also released a Christmas song in 2023 called “Back door Santa” (C. Carter & M. Daniel), a song that apparently does well in the US blues charts around Christmas. Get in-betweener “Live on 29th Street vol IV” before the summer and enjoy the smooth sounds of Greyhounds over your Margarita’s.

01. Nobody’s Judging
02. Stay Here Tonight
03. Long Goodbye
04. Amazing
05. Set Us Free
06. Hot Sauce
07. What’s On Your Mind
08. Yeah Yeah Yeah
09. Bet It All On Love