Review: Big Daddy Wilson & The Goosebumps Bros. – Plan B


Big Daddy Wilson & Goosebumps Bros. - Plan B

Big Daddy Wilson & The Goosebumps Bros. – Plan B
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital / Label: Continental Record Services – Continental Blue Heaven
Release: 2023

Tekst: Bert van Kessel

Big D scores A+ with Plan B. The title of this very soulful album may refer to numerous things, too many to deal with in this limited space. Suffice to say that B also stands for his family name Blount or his nickname Big Daddy.

On his previous album, the impressive ‘Hard Time Blues,’ we heard a serious Big Daddy addressing current problems of this turbulent world, but in a joint production with his hugely competent Italian backing band  he has chosen a different, more joyful approach here (Plan B?). It is obvious that Big Daddy and his companions thoroughly enjoyed themselves recording these nine tracks. Which truly have a very positive vibe, most notably so Great Day In The Morning with a funky reggae rhythm; similarly Dance Little Momma is aimed at filling dancefloors.

Key track Relax and Let Go summarizes the album’s theme nicely. In the grippingly soulful slowblues Sometimes I Cry, which contains some lovely fretwork by  co-producer Cesare Nolli, he sings “I feel so good I could cry”. The album closes with an emotional lovesong, the beautiful duet I Need You.

All this positivity is clearly aimed at making us listeners have a good time too. Fortunately he has been very successful in doing so; there’s nothing wrong with this Plan B.

15 oktober: Texel/De Burg Bluesfestival

01. Rise and Shine
02. Faith
03. Great Day In The Morning
04. Sometimes I Cry
05. All On Me
06. Dance Little Momma
07. Marry Me
08. Relax and Let Go
09. I Need you