Betty Fox Band – Peace in Pieces
Format: CD – Digital / Label: Betty Fox Band
Releases: 2020

Tekst: Iain Patience

A third album from Betty Fox, a US band, ‘Peace in Pieces’ is a strong release that rattles, roars and always has a driving soul at its heart. Previously International Memphis Blues Challenge finalists back in 2015, the band has steadily grown in strength and stature, working the US blues and soul circuit with increasing opportunity and success.

Fox is joined by some mighty fine session and sidemen on this offering, including the now near-legendary Spooner Oldham and Clayton Ivey on keys, while her own guitar-work is always on point and the pedigreed quality of Muscle Shoals as the chosen recording studios only adds to the overall beauty of the project.

Fox originally comes from Saint Petersburg, a smallish Florida town with a healthy blues heritage. Her voice is delightful and soulful with echoes of good old gospel rippling around the mix and her rhythm and blues passions showing clearly on many tracks. With fourteen tracks, there’s no shortage of vocal opportunity for Fox to excel with her blend of grit and soul.

In many ways, Fox and the band have remained something of an unknown musical force outside the USA. With ‘Peace in Pieces,’ however, we may just have the album that will push this excellent band to the fore.  This is an album that is well wroth catching and likely to please lovers of blues with a dish of soul on the side.

01. Green Light
02. Winter’s Cold
03. Marie
04. Sweet Memories
05. Peace In Pieces
06. Let Go Or Be Dragged
07. Runnin‘ Back To You
08. Feels So Good
09. Sweet Goodnight
10. Magnificent Hallucination
11. Shattered Dreams & Broken Toes
12. Rising Strong
13. Fireflies
14. `Til The Storm Passes By

Website: Betty Fox