Recensie: Bert Deivert – I Ain’t Leavin’


Bert Deivert - I Ain’t Leavin’

Bert Deivert – I Ain’t Leavin’
Format: CD / Label: Hard Danger
Release: 2021

Text: Iain Patience

A truly excellent offering

Bert Deivert is a deep-rooted acoustic bluesman from the USA, though he has now lived in Sweden for the better part of forty years. Widely admired for his Yank Rachell-style blues Mandolin work, Deivert is also a very fine guitar picker, singer and song-writer of class and quality.

Here, with his fourteenth release, he delivers a ten-track beauty that positively highlights his strengths to the full. From working with the likes of Eric Bibb, with whom he recorded many years ago, Tom Paley, Peter Case, T-Model Ford and Charlie Musselwhite to being an integral part of the Scandinavian blues scene, Deivert has delivered a couple of equally impressive discs with ‘Kid Man Blues’ in 2007,  ‘Blood In My Eyes For You’, 2019, and ‘She Can Shimmy’, with Libby Rae Watson, in 2020.

All are outstanding examples of his talent and musicianship in the blues genre. With ‘I Ain’t Leavin’,’ he is joined by his wife, Eva, a Swedish traditional fiddle player of renown and widely admired Scandinavian roots musician. Deivert’s daughter, Emmy, also lends a hand with support vocals at times – another roots musician in the Nordic region.

‘I Ain’t Leavin’ is a truly excellent offering, full of clever lyricism, absolutely top-end picking and acoustic blues insight and quality. This is nothing short of a genuine blues gem, an album that simply delivers at every level. Fabulous stuff!


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