People Years – Animalism
Format: CD
Label: Cornelius Chapel / Bertus
Releasedatum: 10 april 2020

People Years is a dream of an amalgamated spitball wadded by the nerdy version of you and made from subterranean and atmospheric particles of bands like Luna, Pavement, Pink Floyd, and LCD Soundsystem, loaded into a straw, and launched into the midnight hair of that Robert Smith-worshipping goth girl named Summer, who sat a few rows in front of you in class.

The one who despises everything Americana. The one who seems to know something that the others don’t. Summer pinches that spit ball out of her hair like a fly between her thumb and index finger, walks it over in her Doc Martins and ask you in black-lipstick language if you lost something. You stammer. She feigns anger, then brightens. She smiles, and maintains eye contact as she places said spitball on her tongue and disappears it down the proverbial hatch.


Track List:
01. Recognizable Animal
02. False Start
03. Commonly Known
04. Not Really Surfing
05. Roadkill
06. You Don’t Do Nature
07. Fall In Line
08. Your Locket
09. Animal Taxxx
10. Fear Culture

Chris Rowell : Vocals and guitar (Warm In the Wake, Sea Fix, King Lear Jet)
Tony Oliver : Keyboard fortress (Sea Fix)
Greg Slamer : Bass (Cosmonaut on Vacation, Heath Green & The Makeshifters, Through The Sparks)
Wes McDonald : Drums {Terry Ohms, Vulture Whale, The Ohms)