Paul Boddy & The SlideWinder Blues Band – Friends Of Tuesday
Format: CD
Label: Slide Records
Rellease: 2020

Release Date October 23, 2020

Five tracks make up this new EP, ‘Friends Of Tuesday,’ from Paul Boddy & The SlideWinder Blues Band. ‘Over the Hump’ is a humorous tale of an aging body playing host to the thoughts of a younger mind.

Follow-up tracks include ‘Love Me Darlin,’’ which is unabashedly about the come-hear go-away dynamic of troubled relationships. ‘Money On Love’ depicts a young man blowing his weekly paycheck in bars as he looks for love. ‘Knock My Boots’ is not only a play on words, but also a line drawn in the sand about a man’s prized pair of cowboy boots. ‘Pretty Kitty’ is a humorous story of a woman’s pet and chock full of innuendo.

Website: Paul Boddy & The SlideWinder Blues Band