Outside Revelation Release Their Debut EP ‘New Dawn’

Dutch groove rock band Outside Revelation have released their debut EP called ‘New Dawn’ on all available streaming services via Painted Bass Records. New Dawn symbolizes the beginning of the band and the writing process of the EP with the following motto: “Take time for yourself and the ones you love and never forget to cherish your dreams”.

The EP includes 5 songs

Catch Me

Lead singer Tracy Tchai was inspired to write the lyrics of Catch Me when she saw that her good friend was going through a really hard time, after he had heard that he is a HIV positive. If we see that our beloved ones are down, depressed or going through a hard time, we need to “catch them when they fall”.

This song got a really energetic music video, too. Watch it below:


Leadsinger Tracy Tchai wrote Free in half an hour after breaking up with her girlfriend. She didn’t want to let her go but her girlfriend decided to move to South-America. So she tried one last thing. She sent the first version of Free to let her know how she felt. Loving each other doesn’t mean that you can be together. Because sometimes time doesn’t allow you to be next to your beloved one.

New Dawn
A homage to all artists who have been told that they don’t fit in the picture, that they are not good enough or that they will never make it happen. Tracy Tchai was inspired by her experiences from her first band, which broke up under unpleasant circumstances. That felt like losing her first love. “When I first rehearsed with Outside Revelation we played New Dawn, it felt like a new beginning, a new adventure, a new opportunity” – says Tracy.

Work Hard For Nothing
We all work for a purpose. Out of passion, for money or for learning. But do you ever feel that you are running out of fuel and that there’s to much pressure on your shoulders? That the days and years fly by? And that you ask yourself, for who am I doing this? These questions inspired Tracy Tchai to write the song Work Hard For Nothing. Don’t sell your soul to the goals of a major.“They might have the power and the money, but don’t let them fool ya with their lies, honey!”

Long Way Down
Poison disguised as love, that’s what the song is about. Once you are in a toxic relationship it is a long way down…

OUTSIDE REVELATION is heavy groove rock band from The Netherlands. The strength of the rhythm section is based on the long term musical relationship of drummer Toine Couwenberg and bass player Michael Wouters, as they’ve been playing music together for over 20 years. Add two young wolves to this steady base and there is an energetic groove rock band. Guitarist Davy Knobel uses surprising effects and different styles of guitar playing.
This is how they create their modern sound, inspired by the iconic classic rock bands.
Tracy Tchai adds her raw and pure vocals which will hit you immediately from the first note.

The band is still excitingly preparing for the future shows, as they will be touring in their home country’s most well-known club stages during fall 2020.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Outside-Revelation-111482663703869/