Willie Nile – Live At Daryl’s House Club


Willie Nile - Live At Daryl's House Club

Willie Nile – Live At Daryl’s House Club
Format: CD – Digital
Label: River House Records
Release: 2024

Release date: April 26, 2024

In September 2022 Willie Nile and his band played a concert at Daryl’s House Club in upstate NY

They had just completed a multi-city tour and had a dozen shows under their belts, so the band was well-oiled, in the groove, and on fire that night. Peter Moshay, the head engineer at the venue, recorded the show and upon playback Willie had to find another pair of socks to put on because it blew his socks off.

That said, ‘Live At Daryl’s House Club’ shows the band in all it’s power, ragged beauty and glory. This album captures Willie and his guys at their very best. It’s a collection of songs that covers a wide range of Nile’s career.

The recordings were mixed and mastered by Dave Darlington at Bass Hit Recordings in NYC. Johnny Pisano is on bass and backing vocals; Jimi K. Bones is on lead guitar and backing vocals; and Jon Weber is on the drums, and Willie plays guitar, piano and sings.

Website: https://www.willienile.com/home

01. Places I Have Never Been (5:40)
02. This Is Our Time (3:07)
03. Black Magic And White Lies (3:59)
04. Earth Blues (3:25)
05. Lost And Lonely World (4:05)
06. The Day The Earth Stood Still (4:11)
07. Shoulders (6:10)
08. New York At Night (3:33)
09. Trouble Down In Diamond Town (5:16)
10. Wake Up America (4:13)
11. House Of A Thousand Guitars (4:10)
12. Run Free (4:52)
13. One Guitar (7:35)