The Dig 3 – Andrew Duncanson, Ronnie Shellist, Gerry Hundt


The Dig 3

The Dig 3 – Andrew Duncanson, Ronnie Shellist, Gerry Hundt
Format: CD
Label: Independent
Release: 2022

“Unfettered by convention, blues superheroes Andrew Duncanson, Ronnie Shellist, and one-man-band Gerry Hundt unite as The Dig 3. Whiskey vocals, masterful harmonica, and keen original songs stay tethered to grooves only possible when the rhythm section is one person. Walking the tightrope between urgency and ease, Dig 3 creates roots music with power and subtlety – perfected by decades of house-parties and honky tonks.”

Are you sick and tired of hearing the same ol’ blues rock with lightning-fast guitar wankers trying to cram in as many notes as possible in their endless noodling solos, combined with over-the-top growling vocals screaming tired clichéd blues standards, all while no one is listening to each other?

SO AM I!!! That’s why I can’t wait for you to hear the re-invigorating real deal blues of THE DIG 3!

THE DIG 3 is a new, exciting, & entertaining blues/roots all-star trio consisting of the supremely soulful vocalist /guitarist Andrew Duncanson of Kilborn Alley Blues Band fame, harp master & teacher Ronnie Shellist, and multi-instrumentalist Gerry Hundt (who has been the not-so-secret weapon behind Nick Moss, Corey Dennison, and much more!).

The Dig 3 truly play DEEP BLUES WITH A FEELING and know how to really DIG INTO A STEADY GROOVE!! It’s so refreshing to hear a group of young talented good friends playing killer old school blues with unique originality, taste, subtlety, and emotion, and all while having an absolute blast doing it. This is some of the most lowdown, raw, wild, and dirty blues I’ve heard in a long time…think Big John Wrencher’s Chicago Blues classic, Maxwell Street Blues from ’69!


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