The BluesBones – Unchained


The BluesBones - Unchained

The BluesBones – Unchained
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: Naked Records
Release: 2023

Release date: April 7, 2023

The BluesBones released 6 successful albums so far, which were all well received around the world

After touring extensively in 2021/2022 with their “Live on Stage” album, that became no.1 in UK and USA Blues Airplay Charts and playing festivals and clubs all over Europe, the band recorded a new (7th) album at Dunk Studios.

This album, also available on vinyl, introduces 8 brand new songs, containing a variety of blues styles, just like the ones before. This has become the bands signature sound: combining different blues genres in one album and making the band’s live sound the common part.

The band recorded the album in a live studio setting, where all instruments were captured in one take. This way, the strong live reputation of the band breaths through the recording. The writing process was also done organically in a way that all bandmembers added to the ideas and every song is taking to the highest level of collaboration and instrumentation.

Keeping the blues as an essential starting point, The BluesBones always succeed to give it an original twist and make a style of their own. Although every song stands on itself, you can find a returning theme of transition, redemption and life changing events. This translates in the title Unchained.

The 8 original songs make a polychromatic carpet that touches every aspect of blues, roots and blues rock, but keeps the band’s sound strong and distinct.

‘Unchained’ will surely take you on a trip to the contemporary interpretation of blues rock.


01. Chain Gang
02. Changes
03. I Cry
04. Time To Learn
05. Moving On
06. Talking To The Lord
07. The Road Ahead
08. The Tale Of Big Tim Brady
09. I Cry (symphonic version)

Nico De Cock: Vocals
Stef Paglia: Guitar
Edwin Risbourg: Hammond, Rhodes, Saxophone
Geerst Boeckx: Bass
Jens Roelandt: Drums