Steve Lukather – Bridges


Steve Lukather - Bridges

Steve Lukather – Bridges
Format: CD – Vinyl LP
Label: Mascot Label Group
Release: 2023

Release date: June 16, 2023

Over the course of five decades Steve Lukather has placed an indelible stamp on pop culture. Alongside his tenure as the only member of TOTO to never take a hiatus from the band, he has performed on thousands of albums as a session musician. Amongst these musical contributions are some of the most successful, influential and enduring records of all-time including Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Additionally, he released a memoir titled The Gospel According To Luke which was a global best-seller. He continues to be TOTO’s band leader, a member of Ringo’s All-Starr Band, and a solo artist.

TOTO has enjoyed a celebrated global resurgence over the last decade. Through 2022-2023, the band will perform in front of close to a million fans. Their repertoire has 3 BILLION+ streams at Spotify alone, with “Africa” counting for one billion plays on its own. Album sales exceed 40 MILLION copies. TOTO is one of the few 70’s bands that have endured the changing trends and styles, and 45 years in to a career enjoy a multi-generational fan base and still selling out shows around the world.

Luke’s ninth solo album, titled BRIDGES, could not be more accurately titled. He shares, “I see it as a bridge between my solo music and TOTO music. The fact that Joseph Williams, David Paich and I wrote most of the record, and the fact I invited many of the old ToTo gang to come and play, co-writers like Randy Goodrum and Stan Lynch brings all this together. It also proves that most of my old pals and I are still great friends, and I wanted to do a record ‘in the style of,’ as TOTO will never record another studio album. This is as close as we will get.”


01. Far From Over
02. Not My Kind Of People
03. Someone
04. All Forevers Must End
05. When I See You Again
06. Take My Love
07. Burning Bridges
08. I’ll Never Know