Spencer Mackenzie – Preach To My Soul


Spencer MacKenzie - Preach My Soul

Spencer Mackenzie – Preach To My Soul
Format: CD
Label: Gypsy Soul Records
Release: 2022

Release date: August 12, 2022

‘Preach to my Soul,’ Mackenzie’s third studio album, is set for release on August 12th with the title track releasing as a single on all streaming platforms on June 3rd. He pushed the boundaries with his talent, passion, and an incredible team behind the album with Emmy Award Winner and Juno Nominated producer Ross Hayes-Citrullo and Juno award winner Steve Strongman appearing on “Paranoia Blues”, and many more talented musicians all giving their incredible talent to this album.

Mackenzie has developed a tone, a vintage sound, a style that resonates and phrasing of a seasoned pro. Music is language. Words matter as do notes. Where they reside in a solo and how when layered they sometimes crunch and distort, at others sing and sting, is where his artistry resides in this new album.

Locating one’s roots the phrase can infer denoted roots or “routes” – that journey back in time, the history that preceded or the path forward.

“In the new recording, I’m thoroughly connected to my roots. The title track “Preach to My Soul”, essentially refers to just that”, says Mackenzie. “The powerful influence from those that came before me are fundamentally preaching to my soul, channeling their passion, communicating their love for the blues to come through me in my music.”

Some tracks have a heavier guitar feel, some intricate blues all influenced with more of a blues-rock intent behind it. Preach To My Soul is a new direction for Spencer, it is sure to captivate the true blues audiences while crossing the barriers to inspire the blues-rock, soul and roots fans!

Website: https://www.spencermackenzie.ca/