Sean Taylor – Short Stories


Sean Taylor - Short Stories

Sean Taylor – Short Stories
Format: CD
Label: Independent
Release: 2023

Release date: June 10, 2023

‘Short Stories’ is Sean Taylor’s latest album. It’s a sublime collection of tales, encounters, experiences and framed moments.

‘Happy Days’ begins the album and makes three references to the Irish playwright, Samuel Beckett. The first is the title, taken from Beckett’s play, the second is the line “I can’t go on” from ‘Waiting for Godot’ and finally the famous ’try again, fail again’ quote from ‘Worstward Ho!’

‘Snowdonia’ is the true story of a February swim in Lake Snowdon minus the expletives at the freezing cold water. A magical place and magical story. ‘Wildflower’ is a psychedelic love song about festival skies and small hours encounters. Everything is better with music.

His songs often come from conversations on the road. ‘Open Your Heart To Love’ is taken from three or four different conversations woven into one. People are complex but always fascinating and compelling.

‘Mona Lisa’ is a rock n roll joyride of tales and myths about the most famous painting in the world. This includes the disappearance of the Mona Lisa, which was followed by Picasso’s arrest (for theft) and acquittal, in 1911. It’s a good true story.

‘Set Me Free’ is an autumnal love song set against the background of the cost-of-living crisis. ‘Gravestones’ is a contemporary conspiracy theory blues with violins and dark humour. ‘Sweet Maria’ is a love song to Maria from County Cork. ‘The Letter’ is a blues about missed opportunities …. and heartbreak.

The album closes with the epic stream of consciousness ‘Be Cool’, a free form narrative set in a summer heatwave. The city is oppressive but also alive and beautiful “The world is alive, the city is alive”.

‘Short Stories’ was produced by Ben Walker in Brighton. All songs were written by Sean Taylor, with three songs ‘Snowdonia’, ‘Open Your Heart To Love’ and ‘Set Me Free’ co-written with Mike Seal. Mike plays bass in the album.


The amazing band on the album are:

Sean Taylor – Vocals, Guitars, Piano and Harmonica
Ben Walker – Guitars and Electric Piano
Mike Seal – Double Bass
Paulina Szczepaniak – Percussion
Justin Carroll – Hammond Organ
Joe Harvey Whyte – Pedal Steel
Eric Lounsbury – Trumpet