Saverio Maccne – Southern Light


Saverio Maccne - Southern Light

Saverio Maccne – Southern Light
Format: CD
Label: Independent
Release: 2023

Southern Light is a dynamic album with a lot of movement. In this album, you can find different mixes of blues-based styles. Once again Saverio Maccne shows his versatility when composing his songs.

Saverio Maccne is a Blues & Rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter, who was born and grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Maccne has a one-of-a-kind strong rooty sound, that combines raw liberty and dynamic power with the preciseness of his virtuoso guitar skills.

The uniqueness of Maccne´s music is muchly based on his wide and long experience of many musical genres, and his talent to combine them in a spectacularly original and uncompromising way. In the core of his music, you can hear the love for Blues and old Rock from the ’60s and ’70s spiced up with the punctilious techniques of Jazz. Maccne´s music is a kind of intense electric Blues, it´s raw and unpolished, vibrating an original, almost primitive, fierce power – and yet it is perfectly balanced and precise; every note has to be absolutely clear, and every note has to reflect a piece of its composer’s soul.

Maccne has devoted himself to the guitar since a little boy. He gave his first gigs at the age of only fourteen side by side with professional musicians in the murky bars of the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. At the age of sixteen, he started his studies in a conservatory – but after almost four years studying, instead of the final exams, he was tempted by the call of the road and great adventures. And so it is that the man is mostly self-taught, his greatest masters being the wild streets of Buenos Aires, in particular, the bohemian artist´s neighborhood of San Telmo, with its square and the many bars around it, where for years he made his living as a street musician. Also playing Jazz and Bossanova in wedding receptions for a few years, and making shows together with both famous Argentinian musicians and under artists, have amplified the musical experience of Maccne a great deal.

Nowadays Maccne makes music around Finland and lives in the tranquil countryside of Tornio, where he draws inspiration from the surrounding Lappish nature. He still keeps gigging in Argentina, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, where he has been touring for different Blues & Rock festivals, events and playing in local bars for the past few years.

Maccne composes his songs both in Spanish and English lyrics. So far there are four full albums released: Bucaro (2013), Crossing the Crosscurrents (2015), Parte de Ello (2017), Look Twice (2018), and five singles: Pequeña Parte de Ello (2016), Ain´t Got Nothing But My Sorrow(Bad Gambler) (2019), Riding On My Mind (2020), Endless Nights Blues (2021), and No One Does That Magic Like You (2023)

Maccnes music is influenced by the big icons of Rock and Blues of their time, like; Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ritchie Blackmore – and from the roots of Blues; Robert Johnson, Freddie King, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins; not to forget Jazz and the unique Charlie Parker. Also, the legendary guitarists, Joe Pass, Django Reinhardt, and the Argentinian Oscar Aleman. The contribution of the great artists, together with the experiences of life and years of practice in the instrument, have created a powerful mix, both undoubtful and authentic that gives rise to the sound of Saverio Maccne.