Mike Morgan And The Crawl – The Lights Went Out In Dallas


Mike Morgan And The Crawl -The Lights Went Out In Dallas

Mike Morgan And The Crawl – The Lights Went Out In Dallas
Format: CD
Label: Continental Record Services
Release: 2022

Release date: May 5, 2022

It’s been 15 years since my last release ‘Stronger Every Day’. Most of those 15 years I have been managing a motorcycle dealership in the Dallas area. During that time span I was playing mostly local gigs and very part time. I was ready for a break from the road and full time gigging.
We closed the shop in 2018 and it seemed like the right time to start focusing on music again. Well…timing is everything right? We all know what happened in 2020!! Gigs went away, but gave a lot more time for writing and practicing. I even learned to play the upright bass. Well…here we are. I hope you like this batch of tunes.

Mike Morgan:
This recording is dedicated to the loving memory of my sweet mother Shirley Morgan. I miss you dearly!! My partner in music and dear friend; The Great Lee McBee. My dear friend and musical inspiration – Lazy Lester.
Special thanks to:
Pamela Rhoades, Anson Funderburgh, Reo Casey, Shawn Pittman, Pappy Middleton, and Paul Osborne.

Website: https://mikemorganandthecrawl.com/

01. Aiight
02. Out In The Jungle
03. Maybe
04. Please Accept My Love
05. Ding Dong Daddy
06. The Fracas By The Pecos
07. A Woman
08. Funkafacation
09. Goin’ Down To Eli’s
10. Workin For The Man
11. Our Last Goodbye
12. Lazy Lester
13. The Lights Went Out In Dallas

The Musicians on this recording:
Mike Morgan- Vocals tracks 1-7,9,11-13. Guitar all tracks. Lodge cornbread mold and spoon track 6
Drew Allain- Bass on all tracks except track 9
Kevin Schermerhorn- Drums all tracks except 5 and 7. Bongos track 6
Anson Funderburgh- Guitar track 5
Shawn Pittman- Piano track 7. Rhythm Guitar track 9. Guitar fills and 1st solo track 12. Vocals track 10
Reo Casey- Guitar fills and first solo track 2. Rhythm Guitar track 6. Lead guitar track 7. Rhythm and fills track 10. Piano tracks 5 and 11 Fender Rhodes track 8. Drums track 11. Native American Drum track 6
Mike Flannigan- B3 on tracks 4 and 8
Christain Dozzler- Piano track 2. Accordian track 7
Chris McGuire-Trumpet tracks 4 and 6. Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax track 4
Dave Perez- Accordian and harmony vocals track 3
Andrea Wallace- Back up and harmony vocals tracks 4,11 and 13
Pappy Middleton- Back up vocals track 5

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