Leo Koster Band – Rickies Till Dawn


Leo Koster Band - Rickies Till Dawn

Leo Koster Band – Rickies Till Dawn
Format: CD
Label: Continental Record Services
Release: 2022

Release date: September 30, 2022

“All is well, all is right,
We’re playing our guitars all through the night
Staring at the stars, lying on the lawn
Playing our Rickies till dawn”

This new album follows 2015’s band-album ‘Train of Life’ and 2018’s solo-album ‘Leo Koster sings Gene Clark’. Both albums were well received by reviewers, dj’s and music fans.

“Rickies Till Dawn” is an upbeat guitar-album with nods to Buffalo Springfield, Dave Edmunds, Tom Petty and Fairport Convention. Guitarists Leo Koster, Han Bavinck and guest player Bart-Jan Baartmans used 26 different guitars, mostly vintage, to lay down a wide range of entertaining guitar sounds. 12-string Rickenbackers (“Rickies”), old Gretsches, Fender Telecaster Stringbender, Strats, Les Pauls and MORE!!!! were used. A lot of time and attention was spent on the vocal harmonies too.

The album features 12 original compositions by Leo Koster. Songs about writers block (The Room), about the WW II bombing of the Den Helder shipyard by the RAF that killed Koster’s granddad, about never having enough guitars (That Extra Guitar), about travelling (New Mexico), about the 1840 Lexington-naval disaster (From The Bottom Of The Ocean).

The 5 band members are joined on some tracks by musical friends like Roel Spanjers on keyboards, Sjoerd van Bommel on drums, Charlie McCoy on bass and Lloyd Green on steel guitar.

Since 2010, Leo Koster Band consists of (left to right): Han Bavinck – guitar, Walter van Zijl – drums, Leo Koster – vocals and guitars, Kees Maat – accordion and Wurlitzer, Harm van Sleen – bass, mandolin.

Website: https://www.leokosterband.nl/

01. The Room
02. Collateral Damage
03. That Extra Guitar
04. I Love My Ricky
05. 18/Stumble and Fall
06. She’s The Devil In Disguise
07. Coeur d’Alene
08. Walkwoman
09. One-On-One Teacher
10. From The Bottom Of The Ocean
11. New Mexico
12. Rickies Till Dawn

Leo Koster Band