Jeau James – Fated


Jeau James - Fated

Jeau James – Fated
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: LordVinyl Records – Forty Below Records
Release: 2023

Release date: June 16, 2023

The long-awaited debut album from the guitar slinger, with Kenny Aronoff on drums

Riding on the edge has always been his comfort zone “For me, inexplicably, big loud, and unapologetic sounds were always drawing me near…”

Los Angeles-based guitarist and singer-songwriter Jeau James oozes coolness with his guitar prowess, smoky vocals, and rocker looks. Some say he channels Lenny Kravitz and Jimi Hendrix, and that’s fine by him, but let’s throw some others in the mix, Storyville vocalist Malford Mulligan, Eric Gales, Gary Clark, Jr., Living Color, and Cream.

‘Fated’ has been in creation mode for a while and will see the light of day on June 16 via his own label, LordVinyl Records with distribution by Forty Below Records. Recorded at Mad Dog Studios with two-time Grammy Award nominee producer and Forty Below Records owner Eric Corne and famed studio owner and executive producer Dusty Wakeman in the studio chairs, they bottled up a raw and juicy sound with James and legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff.

Jeau can’t recall when or where he and producer Eric Corne met, but their connection was instant, and the noted producer has always supported the young artist. “Jeau James is a quadruple threat. He is a wicked guitarist and funky bassist, an extremely soulful singer, a talented songwriter, and possesses the look of a stone-cold rock star. Life has presented some obstacles in his path, but Jeau has risen above them and is poised to build a promising career,” states Eric Corne. The two entered the studio with the goal of “let’s record something raw and killer” and went from there by bringing in Kenny Aronoff on drums and Carl Byron on keys and Hammond B3 organ to help flesh out the songs. Jeau held down the bass and vocals as the music organically evolved into a monstrous vibe full of grit, sex, and soul from the seven originals to the Doors cover.

“Jeau’s songs, vocals, and brilliant guitar playing are so unique, passionate, and authentic,” says Kenny Aronoff.

From Jeau James’ notes about the songs on the album:

FATED – This is a look at my life as a street racer. Lose some, win more. But all the while being on the wrong side of the rules.

HELLO, I LOVE YOU (The Doors cover) – The lyric is right in line when I’m drawn to a woman; however, I adjusted the music slightly to be more slinky.

ANOTHER NIGHT – This song is how I felt when I rolled out as a teenager to live on my own. It, later, was how I kind of felt in new love.

ROCK HARD AND ROLL – When I’m firing on all eight cylinders … this.

HUMAN CONDITION – I once had a girlfriend who got angry as people complimented me while she and I walked together. Demons people have deep inside inspired this song.

PRAY – Sadly, we are confronted with addictions, greed, hate, and ignorance. We pray to get through.

RIVER – One day, while thinking about making love, I realized it can be a lot like the rapid and wilds of a river. When I gave my mind its head, I contemplated how this is equally experienced on mental and spiritual levels.

IS THIS HISTORY – We live and love, love and live, and die. We are history…