Heigh Chief. – Chorus Of Crickets


Heigh Chief. - Chorus Of Crickets

Heigh Chief. – Chorus Of Crickets
Format: CD
Label: Cracker Factory Music
Release: 2024

Heigh Chief. is an Oslo based band which has become synonymous with quality. Quality in their musicianship and songwritng. From their bare foot drummer who lays down swampy Southern Rock grooves to their two extremely accomplished guitarists who also have the role as the bands two lead vocalists. The remaining two members hold down not only the boIom end but the loJy highs howling from a Hammond Leslie.

This is their fifth album and it refuses to disappoint. “Chorus of Crickets” an 11 song strong album showing Heigh Chiefs’ compositonal and musical growth. This makes “Chorus of Crickets” an album that will touch hearts of both new and old fans!

Website: http://heighchief.com/

01. I’ll Be Seeing You
02. November
03. Say My Name
04. I Should Cry
05. Stumblin` Man
06. She’ll Get Her Own
07. Beat in Bursts
08. Old Man
09. Sailin’ On
10. One Wrong at a Time
11. Southern Belle