Gene Loves Jezebel Feat. Jay Aston – X – Love Death Sorrow


Gene Loves Jezebel Feat. Jay Aston - X - Love Death Sorrow

Gene Loves Jezebel Feat. Jay Aston – X – Love Death Sorrow
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: Cleopatra Records
Release: 2023

Release date: December 1, 2023

Entitled ‘Love Death Sorrow’ the album features twelve newly recorded tracks

The new album, ‘Love Death Sorrow’, was recorded back in March, in Wales, and like every other GLJ album, has its own individuality – although you will hear hints of The House Of Dolls and Heavenly Bodies lurking like shadows on its wall – with a warm and cohesive production by Peter Walsh.

The opener, ‘The Man That Time Forgot’ is classic ‘gothic horror’, but where Bela Lugosi may be dead, the vampire here is very much alive. ‘Breathe Easy’ has existed for at least 21 years, yet remained unrecorded by GLJ, and now finally gets its overdue release. Those familiar with the Ugly Buggs release of 2011 will recognise four songs. The new Jezebel versions maintain a similarity although the introspective and vulnerable ‘You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore’ is embellished with a more resolute ending flourish. The album features five cover versions – by The Cure, Magazine, The Only Ones, Edwyn Collins and Marianne Faithfull – fresh takes that do justice to the well known originals whilst bringing a new resonance. Jay is in fine voice throughout while Pete, James and Smiley bring their reliable dexterity as expected.


01. The Man That Time Forgot
02. The Light Pours Out Of Me
03. Serpent Queen
04. Broken English
05. Breathe Easy
06. A Girl Like You
07. The Foolish Young
08. In Between Days
09. Young Girl
10. You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore
11. Lone Rider
12. Another Girl Another Planet