GeminiiDragon – Equinox


Geminii Dragon - Equinox

GeminiiDragon – Equinox
Format: CD
Label: Nepotism Records
Release: 2023

Release date: February 1, 2023

The World and society itself are spinning socially and musically so fast at this time that music listeners barely have time to catch their breath let alone figure out who is releasing music and digesting who the artists are and what their music is about.

GeminiiDragon the Louisiana vocalist established herself as a fiery banshee whom blurred the lines of Blues, Rock and Soul and paid homage to both the old and the new. By having one foot in the past but the other foot in the present all the while mentally exploring the future. Comparisons to KoKo Taylor, Mavis Staples and Tina Turner aside. Geminii Dragon has established herself as a fierce vocalist with a smoky tone and rich tapestry of textures that evoke visual images of the songs she’s singing and the mental emotions of them as well.

After her debut album ‘FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE’ was received well by critics . She and her production team went to the drawing board to figure what they could do next to expand on her sound. Well they think they’ve done it with this new collection entitled ‘EQUINOX.’

‘EQUINOX’ is traditionally defined as the time when the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the geometric center of the Sun’s disk. GeminiiDragon’s ‘EQUINOX’ is something similar but it is all based on her music passing through the center of the minds and ears of music listeners across the planet. The album begins its journey with the gritty rocker SISTER SWITCHBLADE a song that is rooted in her affection for the Blues Rock movement of the late 60’s. I’m a huge fan of Jimi Hendrix especially his Band Of Gypsys window of time.” say GeminiiDragon.

She continues that sentiment throughout her sophomore album with tunes like RUSTY GUN and BALLAD OF WILLIE MAE & GEORGE the later is an old blues song amped up on her rustic vocals as she sings about a man and his contemplation of being killed by his wife for his cheating ways. Just as her influences themselves were influenced by the Blues legends so too was GeminiiDragon.

The album even stretches its boundaries into her love for the 70’s AOR (Album Oriented Rock) era. Songs like Islandy TIME ,the album title song EQUINOX and the acoustic ballad HANDS OF TIME (ELCOIN) all bring to life the era that was synonymous with great songs and bands that created some timeless music. The record also bears her musical cabinet of Soul with the rootsy songs GOOD THANG and YOU GOT IT GOOD. which features the amazing singer La La Thomas on this heavenly duet. Two good ole fashioned Rock & Soul numbers that are fun and danceable. Yet again showcasing GeminiiDragon’s vocal repertoire and knack for writing great songs that capture moments in time.

The album closes out with a surprise of sorts. It seems as though GeminiiDragon wanted to point out that Blues music itself was the birth child of many of our favorite genres of music we so affectionately listen to today. Although many people would snub their noses at the fact that some of Rock’s most influential artists might’ve indirectly used Blues to capture their sound. Joan Jett and her band The Runaways made an undeniable impact on a young GeminiiDragon and she pays her respects to their influence with the rocker BAD RUMORS. Heavy on the guitars and attitude to match the song is short in length but heavy with aggressive tones and vocal banter. It’s as if she wanted you to know she loves the Blues but she’s not bound to it. She Loves it and respects it but wants to take the Blues on to the next EQUINOX!


01. Sister Switchblade (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)
02. Time (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)
03. The Fighter (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)
04. Ballad Of Willie Mae & George (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)
05. You Got It Good Featuring La La Thomas (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon, LaTosha Thomas)
06. Rusty Gun (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)
07. Equinox (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)
08. Hands Of Time (ELOCIN) (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)
09. Good Thang (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)
10. Bad Rumors (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)

Guitars : Christian Simeon
Bass : Dougie V
Drums : E Sass
Backing & Harmony Vocals : La La Thomas