GeminiiDRAGON – 3


Geminii DRAGON - 3

GeminiiDRAGON – 3
Format: CD
Label: Nepotism Recordings – Lightning In A Bottle Records
Release: 2024

Release date: February 1, 2024

From the murky bayous of Louisiana, comes a fresh face to the Blues music scene. A vocal dynamo GeminiiDRAGON has channeled her love for the late 60s era and 70s blues and AOR bands/artists the likes of Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Albert King, Freddie King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Koko Taylor, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, Janis Joplin, Fleetwood Mac, Cream and Led Zeppelin and the super group Arc Angels , to name a few, into a ferocious mix of blues rock soul…. Blues on Steriods!!!

Her inherited talent and love of an eclectic collage of music from her parents that spans several decades, and genres can be heard and felt in her voice and through her lyrics.

A chance meeting with producer, guitarist and partner Christian Simeon has formed the latest chapter in her music quest. In this collaboration, with his help and influence she has achieved a 3rd project that she feels is the next step in her musical maturation.

Her 2 debut singles ‘Like It Or Not’ and ‘ A Storm Is A Comin” back in 2021 quickly built a heavy buzz in the Blues Community.

She quickly responded with the release of her debut Album “FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE” and the infectious single “Just The Way It Is”. In record time she would return to the studio and bless us with her sophomore album “EQUINOX”, that further expanded her musical talents and opened up her fanbase to her sound with the single “BALLAD OF WILLIE MAE & GEORGE” and now she embarks on her third album ‘3’. It would seem that the skies are the limit to her journey.

The album 3 is a culmination of her influences and her songwriting and recording prowess. The album opens with the track . ” I WANNA KNOW” and it starts the album off with a Memphis style SOUL sound that has pulsing groove and hypnotic stature, This albums has its share of Blues Rockeresque songs and they begins with an EKG heart monitor sounds of “DESERT HEART”, “CLOWNS” and “GREAT DAY” all have her signature banshee style singing all over them. The album proceeds to run a Texas Blues Guitar riff down to the rough but catchy vocals , on the song ” YOU AIN’T UP TO NO GOOD” featuring the talented TJ WONG on guitar and CHAD RUPP on Harmonica. She spills her emotions all over the song. And it becomes quite evident that her talents are unlimited.

The track “CHEROKEE ” has a deep 70’S influenced Blues Rock Sound feel as GeminiiDragon sings about a Native American friend and his stand for Native pride and independence in this modern world. It’s a standout for sure on this album.

The tracks “A FOOL FOR YOU” and “CAUGHT UP IN YOUR LOVE” are power rock songs with a heavy Blues influence kind of the way Zeppelin used to do it but with a howling woman from the bayous of Louisiana singing! “LAST TRAIN TO THIBODAUX” bridges the modern sounds of Memphis Soul and a UBO (Unidentified Blues Object) into a classic sounding song filled with rich imagery and lyrics equally!

3 is a great collection of the modern blending of the traditional and the modern Blues Rock and ROCK.


01. I Wanna Know (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)
02. Desert Heart (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)
03. Clowns (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)
04. Wasted Time (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)
05. Great Day (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)
06. You Ain’t Up To No Good featuring Chad Rupp and TJ Wong (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)
07. Cherokee (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)
08. A Fool For You (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)
09. Caught Up In Your Love (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)
10. Last Train To Thibodaux (Jessica Harper, Christian Simeon)
11. Ballad OF WIllie Mae & George ( The Reprise) ( Jessica Harper , Christian Simeon)

GeminiiDRAGON : Vocals
Guitars : Christian Simeon
Bass : Dougie V
Drums : Eric Sasser
Vibraphone : Malaysia Lewis
Guest Appearances
Harmonica : Chad Rupp courtesy of Lightning In A Bottle Records
Guitar : TJ Wong courtesy of Lightning In A Bottle Records