New Release: Chris Kramer & Jens Filser – Roots Music


Chris Kramer & Jens Filser - Roots Music

Chris Kramer & Jens Filser – Roots Music
Format: There will be no CD! But as an alternative to vinyl, a USB stick in a small, stylish box
Label: Independent
Release: 2023

Release date: May 5, 2023

Singer and blues harp virtuoso Chris Kramer is staying true to himself!

After 20 studio productions, more than 4,000 live shows in Europe and the US, and many many appearances on TV and radio, he’s going back to his roots. Chris Kramer’s new album – out on May 5, 2023 – is entitled “Roots Music“.

The album’s concept developed organically over the last few years: “I wanted to fully explore the roots of authentic blues – but also its branches and blossoms.“ And yet, the expansive “Roots Music“ is not a concept album. Each of the album’s 22 tracks has the artistic depth to stand on its own. This is true of “Wade In The Water“ with its gospel intensity enhanced by a nuanced choir performance by Bo Heart. It’s also true of „ABC Of Felicity“ with Kramer’s swingin‘ jazzy harmonica and of the banjo-driven duet with Heike Meering which brought a western saloon atmosphere to the recording studio.

Kramer credits guitarist Jens Filser with the album’s wide wingspan and authentic sound between hushed folk blues tones and driving soul & rock. „I know very few guitarists with such a wide stylistic range and perfectionism“, Kramer says. The rocking slide guitar that propels “Down The Line“ and the casual Westcoast vibe of “Behind The Sea“ serve as fine examples of Filser’s versatility.

The most high-caliber musician on “Roots Music“, however, appears on “Shaking The Shack“. None other than Rolling Stones keyboard wizard Chuck Leavell is responsible for the song‘s delicious blues and boogie piano riffs. If only Mick Jagger & co. let him let loose that way.

Fans of British blues will find another lovely surprise on “Power Of A Blind Man“. Chris Kramer explains the song’s origin: “In 2001 I had recorded a song with Long John Baldry who sadly passed away in 2005. A new mix of those studio sessions provided me with the key to this country song.“

Chris Kramer is inviting you to come along on his journey to country, soul & blues and all facets of “Roots Music“.


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