Chip Taylor – The Cradle of All Living Things


Chip Taylor - The Cradle of All Living Things

Chip Taylor – The Cradle of All Living Things
Format: CD – Vinyl LP – Digital
Label: Train Wreck Records – Continental Record Services
Release: 2023

Release date: March 31, 2023

Songwriters Hall of Fame 2016 inductee Chip Taylor has been writing and performing for over 60 years and shows no sign of slowing down. The New York Times says it best, “If you only know him as the as the guy who wrote ‘Wild Thing’ and ‘Angel of the Morning” — you don’t know him! Chip Taylor is making some of the most distinctive acoustic music around today.”

Taylor returns on March 31 with ‘The Cradle of All Living Things,’ a 28-song double album that is both epic and intimate. Co-produced by Norwegian keyboardist Goran Grini, Taylor’s new recordings also feature longtime master guitarist John Platania (Van Morrison), Tony Mercadante on bass, drummer Magnus Olsson and chilling vocals from Hege Brynildsen. Taylor and Grini worked remotely from their respective home studios in New York and Norway but the result is a seamless and organic collection of soulful and wise songs that will warm your heart.

The Cradle of All Living Things is a continuation of a particularly prolific period for Taylor. During the pandemic he released four albums (In Sympathy of a Heartbreak, NY to Norway & Back, Dad & the Monkey, Can I Offer You A Song), recorded new episodes of his podcast – Church of the Train Wreck, performed in virtual concerts for his fans, and put out two major singles (I’ve Got History On My Side, On The Radio). On The Radio, used as the closing song for the second series of the Netflix smash Sex Education, reached #1 on the Tunefind/Billboard TV song chart for 2020 and has well over 5,000,000 streams on Spotify alone. Fuck All The Perfect People, the title track from his 2012 album, went viral on Spotify. Its inclusion on the Netflix smash Sex Education in 2019 has vaulted it over the 10,000,000 stream mark. The stunning video for Perfect People also has more than 5 million views on YouTube.

Chip had plans to finally return to live shows in Europe early in 2023 but was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. Treatment has begun and Chip, and his doctors, are fairly confident that he will be able to sing and perform within a few months. Hopefully, the postponed concerts will be rescheduled for Spring/Summer of 2023.


01. The Cradle Of All Living Things
02. Animals On The Beach
03. True Love
04. Spoken Intro to Anthony
05. Anthony
06. How come That Always Happens
07. It Is Written
08. Even Money
09. Sofia
10. On Reflection
11. Twenty Years Ago
12. Oh It Feels Kinda Different
13. Talking Outside Yourself
14. the Good And The Bad
15. Closing Time
16. Lost Pictures
17. I Don´t Know Which Song I´ll Sing Tonight
18. Give Her Away Johnny
19. Only A Song
20. So Selfishly Loved
21. What I Like About The Sky
22. Planetary Scheme
23. One More Dream To Go
24. I Don´t Know Much
25. Do You Feel OK
26. Someone To Live For
27. Wounded Bird
28. Why Didn´t I Think Of That Before