Big Daddy Wilson & The Goosebumps Bros. – Plan B


Big Daddy Wilson & Goosebumps Bros. - Plan B

Big Daddy Wilson & The Goosebumps Bros. – Plan B
Format: CD – Vinyl LP
Label: Continental Record Services – Continental Blue Heaven
Release: 2023

Release date: September 22, 2023

PLAN B according to Big Daddy Wilson
“I thought it would be cool to have an album and call it ‘Plan B’ because of the my name. Also , the title Plan B has a double meaning. When you’re doing business, you always need a Plan B.

Most of the songs of this album were written during the Covid 19 Lockdown time. And because of that, we thought about releasing a digital album. The plan was to do this album with my band “The Goosebumps Bros“. This would be the first joint album that I produced with my band and the first digital only album. But things changed again, and there will also be a CD and vinyl release of the album. And this is another reason why we called it Plan B.

Our first plan was changed due to the circumstances of life / business. So now we’re definitely running with the name Plan B
You know, sometimes Plan B is even better than the first plan, and this is definitely the case with this album. The songs for Plan B are written and composed by myself and The Goosebumps Bros.. Songs of soul, blues, roots and life. Songs that will strengthen your faith. Our goal is to make you smile. Hope you will enjoy listening to our Plan B. I am very happy with this Plan B.
“Big Daddy” Wilson Blount

15 oktober: Texel/De Burg Bluesfestival


01. Rise and Shine
02. Faith
03. Great Day In The Morning
04. Sometimes I Cry
05. All On Me
06. Dance Little Momma
07. Marry Me
08. Relax and Let Go
09. I Need you