Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup – That’s All Right (Mama) The Fire Sessions


Arthur Big Boy Crudup - That's All Right (Mama) The Fire Sessions

Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup – That’s All Right (Mama) The Fire Sessions
Format: CD
Label: Sunset Blvd Records
Release: 2022

Release date: July 8, 2022

21 Track CD – The Entire Fire Records Sessions for the first time on a Single CD. By 1962, when Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup belatedly released his debut album, he’d been recording for two full decades.

His songs “That’s All Right (Mama)” and “My Baby Left Me” were part of the fresh approach that catapulted Elvis Presley to stardom, but Crudup had actually composed and released these titles during the 1940’s.

By 1962 Crudup had retired from the music industry, due in part to frustration over lack of publishing royalties, but he made a strong comeback. Bobby Robinson’s Fire Records allowed him do an album on his own terms, and many feel the result represents some of the best-recorded Crudup of all time.

His classic songs on the album are re-recorded versions but musically up to par with the original versions, benefiting from improvements in recording technique and the artistically free atmosphere of the sessions, and this collection includes many additional sides not available on the original album. Includes “That’s All Right (Mama),” “Look On Yonder Wall,” “Rock Me Mama,” “Mean Ol’ Frisco,” and 17 more!


01. Mean Ol’ ‘Frisco Blues
02. Rock Me Momma
03. I’m In The Mood For You
04. That’s All Right Mama
05. Angel Child (Take 1)
06. Angel Child (Take 2)
07. Katie Mae
08. Look On Yonder Wall
09. I’m Going To Dig Myself A Hole
10. If I Get Lucky
11. Death Valley Blues
12. I Just Love Her The Same
13. Ethel Mae
14. My Mama Don’t Allow Me
15. Standing At My Window
16. Glad You’re Mine
17. The Moon Is Rising
18. Too Much Competition
19. Greyhound Bus
20. Coal Black Mare
21. Looka There, She Got No Hair

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