Neil Young – Official Release Series Vol 4 (4CD)


Neil Young - Official Release Series Vol 4

Neil Young – Official Release Series Vol 4 (4CD)
Format: 4CD – 4 Vinyl LP Box Set
Label: Warner Records
Release: 2022

Release date: April 29, 2022

Neil Young announces the release of the fourth installment in his Official Release Series (ORS): a box set that includes his classic ‘80s records ‘Hawks & Doves,’ ‘Re•ac•tor,’ and ‘This Note’s for You’, as well as his ‘Eldorado’ EP, previously released only in Japan and Australia.

The ORS Vol 4 collects an eclectic set of decade-spanning sounds. ‘Hawks & Doves’ (1980) revisits his folk roots and explores some of his most country-leaning offerings; the blistering ‘Re•ac•tor’ (1981) showcases a stomping set of heavy, overdriven rock with Crazy Horse; and ‘This Note’s for You’ (1988) casts Young as a big band leader, belting out intricately arranged blues. ‘The Eldorado’ EP (1989) is full of feral distortion and earthy crunch featuring Young backed by The Restless (Chad Cromwell and Rick Rosas). It includes two thundering tracks — “Cocaine Eyes” and “Heavy Love”— not available on any other album.

ORS Vol 4 collects a large swath of his diverse and compelling ‘80s work, testifying to the legendary songwriter’s gift for sonic shape-shifting.


Hawks & Doves:
01 Little Wing
02 The Old Homestead
03 Lost in Space
04 Captain Kennedy
05 Stayin’ Power
06 Coastline
07 Union Man
08 Comin’ Apart at Every Nail
09 Hawks & Doves

01 Opera Star
02 Surfer Joe and Moe the Sleaze
03 T-Bone
04 Get Back on It
05 Southern Pacific
06 Motor City
07 Rapid Transit
08 Shots

This Note’s For You:
01 Ten Men Workin’
02 This Note’s for You
03 Coupe de Ville
04 Life In The City
05 Twilight
06 Married Man
07 Sunny Inside
08 Can’t Believe Your Lyin’
09 Hey Hey
10 One Thing

01 Cocaine Eyes
02 Don’t Cry
03 Heavy Love
04 On Broadway
05 Eldorado

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