++++Ledfoot - White Crow

Ledfoot – White Crow
Format: CD – LP – Digital
Label: PIAS

Releasedatum: 24 januari 2020

LEDFOOT aka Tim Scott McConnell is an American singer-songwriter and 12-string guitarist. He has been touring and releasing music since the late 1970’s as a solo artist and as a member of The Rockats in the early 1980’s and The Havalinas in the early 1990’s, at which time Bob Dylan personally asked Tim if the band would open for him on the “oh Merry”-tour of France and England. As a songwriter, Tim has written for artists as varied as TNT to Sheena Easton.
ln 201,4, Bruce Springsteen released his album “High Hopes”, from which the title track was written by Tim. LEDFO0T came into existence in 2006, when Tim put together the different techniques from over 30 years of playing and combined a 12-string guitar with steel fingerpicks, a brass slide, opentunings, very hear,y strings and a stomp box. Mixing this with a dark lyrical and melodic sense, he dubbed it’Gothic Blues’.
Since than Ledfoot has released 3 albums and have toured England, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the US.

0l. Dead Man Can Do
02. Right Down The Hole
03. This Wayward Son
04. Nobody
05. You’ve Gone Astray
06. Where I Lost Hope
07. The Wrong Road
08. Little Dog
09. Ain’t Yet Been
10. When An Angel Falls