Katie Knipp – Chamomile and Cocaine
Format: Digital
Label: Independent
Releasedatum: 12 juni 2020

Top Ten Billboard Charter in Blues albums and 2 time Sacramento Music Award Winner for Best Blues Artist, Katie says, “I felt like a kid on a trampoline the minute I started writing this.”

This big sound features her core 5 piece band (coproducer Zack Proteau on bass, Neil Campisano on drums, Chris Martinez on guitar, Otis Mourning on Saxophone, and Katie Knipp on vocals and piano) plus special guest Keith Cotton (Joan Osborne’s musical director) on Hammond B3.

The focus of this song was 100% fun, with an anthematic “Here I am world, I’m comin’ atcha!”. Recorded and mixed by Dustin Shapiro and Zack Proteau (Jackie Greene’s “Gone Wanderin’” producer). Written and produced by Katie Knipp. Mastered by Brian Poole at Moon Tree Mastering.

“I felt like a kid on a trampoline writing this,” says Katie. Featuring Joan Osborne’s Keith Cotton on B3, along with Katie’s core band of Neil Campisano, Zack Proteau, Chris Martinez, and Otis Mourning, this song is 100% FUN, and a “Here I am world, I’m comin’ atcha” anthem.

I’m your chamomile and I’m your cocaine
I wear my hair like lingerie, I got a voice that’s thick, like creme brule
and I’m comin’ atcha

Been singing the blues since the age of 13, no time for BS, you know what I mean?
I got one foot on the tambourine
I’m in the game, I’m here to play,
I’m comin’ atcha

Somebody once told me, “give up, give into easy, there’s so much good shit on tv”,
then he poured himself another drink and asked me, “who has time to listen anyway?”
Well I do…

‘Cause I wanna dive in that murky lake
taste the bad water, spit it out and start again
swimmin’ in it, for the long haul
finish what I started…sing the blues for ya’ll,
cause that’s where my heart is

‘cause I’m your chamomile and cocaine,
gonna make you…feel…all them thangs.

I walk past the houses there’s garbage on tv,
the lights flicker at me but I surrender to the breeze
pine tree up ahead, pull off some needles, take a good whiff

‘cause I’m just trying to be in touch again
i’m just trying to be in touch again
I’m just trying to be in touch again.

Website: Katie Knipp