Interview: A Moments Notice


A Moments Notice

Interview: A Moments Notice
Text: Andrew Dex


1. Who is answering the questions? 

David / Guitarist! 

2. What do you want your latest release to do for the representation of your band/project? 

To show that style of heaviness from old school Metalcore and the new age heaviness on modern Metal. 

3. How would you say that the sound of your band/project has changed since you first started out? 

The sound has changed A LOT. If you listen to ‘Silver Lining’ and then ‘Listen to Offerings’ you can see that we have a much heavier vibe than 6 months ago! 

4. Touring wise, what are you up to this year, and how excited are you to have live shows back? 

We can not wait to start playing shows and touring in the future. We have one show announced for August 26th at Goldfield Sacramento, Which is actually our first show ( EP release as well ) 

We all are very excited to have live shows back, seeing all of our friends at all these amazing shows we’ve been to so far! 

5. Can you tell us your best memory from a live show/or day on the road?
Personally, I got to perform a song on drums with Atreyu back in 2014. Definitely one of my favourite memories from attending a live show! 

6. Tough question time. What song do you really look forward to playing live in your set at the moment, and why? 

We have a song called Timekeeper that really puts my footwork to the test. Had to set up my pedal to make sure the sound and effects are perfect so we don’t have to have them backtracked! 

7. How does a song normally come together for the band/project?
Usually our guitarist Jonny comes up with skeletons and we go off that, then we chop that up, and then take it to the studio where we perfect it even more! 

8. What themes & inspirations really influence your music?
For me, Dealer, Wage War, August Burns Red, While She Sleeps. Their sounds and tones are insane which inspire a lot of the heaviness that I tend to come up with.

9. What do you want the listener to take away from listening to your band/project?
I want the listener to hear the song and instantly be like, This is the type of stuff where it feels like boulders are being thrown at you cause it hits so hard! 

10. What else can we expect to see from your band/project in 2022, and what do you really hope to accomplish? 

Expect an EP, More show announcements, hopefully we start working on a full length eventually! 

I hope to accomplish more listeners, and for our shows to be just absolutely wild!


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