Hat Check Girl – Kiss Me Quick
Format: CD
Label: Gallway Bay Music
Release: 2020

“The songs on ‘Kiss Me Quick’ were written as duets. Unison, harmony, trading lines, swapping verses, interplay, interweaving. Over the decade we’ve been recording together as Hat Check Girl our harmonies have grown closer, and our blend more personal, this project explores the intrinsic possibilities in working as a duo, a different way of thinking than in the recordings we each make on our own.

The conversation between the instruments, especially Annie’s lap steel and Peter’s electric lead guitar, has become another sort of duet, this collection explores that interplay as well. And, as always, only more so, this project was created completely ‘in house’, from writing the songs, to performing, recording, mixing, conceptualizing and realizing the production, graphic design, promotional materials, video and photography, it all happened under the red metal roof of our home and studio here on the coast of Maine.

‘Kiss Me Quick’ is our 8th release as Hat Check Girl.” ~ Annie Gallup & Peter Gallway

Moving West
Earl Had The Night Shift
How Far Will You Go
Second Monday Of The Week
Best Kept secret In Blue Hill
New Old Life
One And The Same
My Dream Last Night
He Loved Horses
Everybody Dance And Spin
Kiss Me Quick

Website: Hat Check Girl


Hat Check Girl is the collaboration between Annie Gallup and Peter Gallway. “Kiss Me Quick” is their 8th release in the decade they have been working together as a duo. Hat Check Girl is known for inventive, intelligent songwriting, and colorful, atmospheric americana musical landscapes.

Peter Gallway is a songwriter and multi instrumentalist who came up in the Greenwich Village scene of the 60’s. His first 3 records were released on Warner/Reprise, and he subsequently put out more than 30 recordings on various labels, both as a solo artist and with The Fifth Avenue Band, The Real Band, and Parker Gray, and toured throughout the US, Canada, and Japan. As a producer, he has overseen the creation of more than 50 albums, including the Grammy nominated “Bleecker Street : Greenwich Village In The 60’s”. His most recent solo effort, “Feels Like Religion”, is an homage to his home, New York City, as well as his close, inspirational friendship with Laura Nyro, whose final album, “Angel In The Dark”, Gallway helped to produce.

Singer songwriter Annie Gallup is the winner of numerous awards, including Kerrville New Folk, and an Art Serve Michigan project grant. She spent a decade and a half on ’the endless tour’ of listening rooms, theaters and festivals across the US and Canada, and has released a dozen recordings on various indie labels. Recognized as a uniquely literary writer, her work, including her most recent solo effort, “Bookish”, is internationally acclaimed and she has been featured on NPR’s ‘All Things Considered’.