Eamonn McCormack – Storyteller
Format: CD
Label: BEM Records / Bertus
Releasedatum: 3 april 2020

Dublin, lreland? And the first thing you might think of is Guinness! U2, Glen Hansard, Hozier or Phil Lynott. Maybe its something in the water over there, because music seems to be embedded into lrish peoples DNA? and lnternational Blues-rock singer-songwriter and guitarist Eamonn McCormack is no exception.

This latest lrish Star emerging to the top and well known in some countries is about to release his seventh album this April across Europe and the UK.

‘Storyteller’ is the title, packed with eleven original tracks, the core of which was recorded live in the studio to capture the true essence of Eamonn along with his young energetic band. You can feel it! The band were still hot and on fire after an ecstatic live performance on WDR Rockpalast just days before.

Producer Arne Wiegand knows what energy in music is all about and from the get go! That was the goal and exactly what they achieved, in capturing “Hairs on the back of your neck vibe” from the slow emotional songs to the Íast rocking tracks that will make you want to drive your car at high speed. lt offers just the right blend of thoughtÍul ballads and funny lyrics into the whole mix.

It’s a roller-coaster ride of emotions as Eamonn takes you through his stories and a glimpse deep into his inner soul and it grips you in all the right places. You know before the end of the first song, this is no guitar player, now on the lnternational radar, having recently just come from the university of Youtube lessons! This is as real as it gets, performed from someone who has lived it!

Even the dogs on the street know you don’t start mastering the true art and craft of songwriting, singing and guitar playing at the level of ‘Storyteller’ without paying your dues and Eamonn certainly has paid them.

He did start playing at 6 years of age and by twelve he had already decided he would dedicate his life to being a musician and becoming the best he could till lights out! Many musical influences creep into ‘Storyteller’ and listeners hear how unique and diverse he really is, which separates him from most and the one interesting personal achievement, is the fact, that Eamonn actually got to play, tour and record with most of his childhood idols including everyone from Rory Gallagher to ZZ Top and Johnny Winter to Walter Trout and more.

As a live performer he is as exciting as it gets. No gimmicks, just pure energy and emotion. A true road warrior who performs mostly original songs but when he does play a cover he puts his very own stamp on it, and he’s a festival favorite that has got to rock some of the biggest and best-known festivals in the World. This lrish man is destined for Blues Rock Royalty soon.

01: The Great Famine
02: Gypsy Women
03: Help Me Understand
04: Tie One On
05: Cowboy Blues
06: In A Dream
07: Every Note That I Play
08: With No Way out
09: Cold Cold Heart
10: South Dakota Bound
11: Make My Move

Eamonn Mc Cormack – guitars, harmonica, vocals

Edgar Karg – bass
Max Jung-Poppe –  drums, percussion
Arne Wiegmand – piano, organ

Website: Eamonn McCormack