Doug Hoekstra – The Day Deserved


Doug Hoekstra - Seaside Town

Doug Hoekstra – The Day Deserved
Format: Digital
Label: Continental Record Services
Release: 2021

Release date: April 30, 2021

Doug Hoekstra is a Chicago-bred, Nashville-based creative whose poems, performances, songs, and stories, have criss-crossed the globe in publications and playlists, stages and setlists.

His eight CDs and three books earning Independent Publisher Award, Pushcart Prize, Nashville Music Award, and Independent Music Award nominations, as well as a legion of friends and fans.

‘The Day Deserved’, is Hoekstra’s first album in over a decade, marking a stellar return to form and then some. Musically, the songs are diverse and deviate far from the typical singer-songwriter fare, with a nod to the likes of Cohen, Velvets, Kinks, and other folks Hoekstra tends to get compared to.  

‘The Day Deserved’ was recorded at Howard’s Apartment Studio in Nashville, Hoekstra co-producing with proprietor Dave Coleman

Core backing band was Dave on guitars, Hoekstra on rhythm guitars and keyboards, Chris Benelli on drums and percussion and Paul Slivka on bass.
Guests included
Jimmy Bowland (saxophone), Hannah Fairlight (vocals), David Henry (cello and violin), Jude Hoekstra (clarinet), and Preacher Boy (vocals).  

Seaside Town (available from all digital platforms)

When there’s a news report about somebody gone missing, there’s often the inference that something terrible has happened to them.  But, people go missing all the time in day to day life, invisible to others, not fitting in.   This is the story of such a person, a woman in a little seaside town; an artist, she wants something more.  She is missing in her environment, but then she goes missing on her own terms, which is a sort of, redemption and of course, the last line is from the Tao.   This song also calls attention to the characters in the album, throughout.

 Writing the song began with the crows and vultures, which was inspired by Van Gogh’s later paintings and the chord progression which began as sort of an Antonio Carlos Jobim bossa nova vibe, sliding chords up and down the neck.   Of course, it wound up going different places

This was also the first track I cut with the band that comprises most of the record; I’d worked with Paul Slivka (bass) before, but not Chris Benelli (drums) or Dave Coleman (guitar) and we were able to work quickly and with verve.   The basic backing for most of the tunes went down in two or three takes, with overdubs added later.

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