Cuby + Blizzards – Grolloo Blues



Cuby + Blizzards – Grolloo Blues
Format: CD – 2LP (180 gr Gatefold)
Continental Record Services

Release: 2021
Release date: September 21, 2021

Ten years after of the passing of Dutch blues singer Harry Muskee on september 26th 2011, the Cuby + Blizzards Foundation presents the very last encore of the legendary blues band.

Internationally Cuby is best known for The Window Of My Eyes, which, apart from being a national chart hit in Netherlands, was also featured in the soundtrack of the George Clooney film “The American”.

Sound engineer Ed Roose delved into his archives and came up with a memorable live album. One more time Grolloo Blues with Harry ‘Cuby’ Muskee, whom we miss but who shall never be forgotten. National blues lovers cherish his body of work, which is now complete.

Harry Muskee – Vocals
Erwin Java – Guitar
Helmig van der Vegt – Piano & Organ
Herman Deinum – Bass Guitar
Hans Lafaille – Drums
Miklós Fürst
Bert Pfeiffer
Peter van Soest
Wouter Schueler

Executive producer: Jan Lagendijk
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Ed Roose
Photos: Rudy Leukfeldt

Project Coördinator: Johan Derksen