Corb Lund – Agricultural Tragic
Format: CD – LP – Digital
Label: New West Records
Releasedatum: 2020

Corb Lund embraces his rich and rustic western heritage with a style that’s unique, honest and resolute, while touching on a range of cowboy themes — from rough-and-tumble tales of lawless frontier saloons, to the sombre realities of running a modern family ranch. As a descendant of many generations of rodeo contestants and ranchers, he sings about a life that he and his ancestors have lived themselves, paired with his quick-witted, wry observations of today’s world. As a result of his heritage and the ten years he spent touring the world with his indie rock band, Corb’s writing resonates emphatically with rural and urban audiences alike. It’s a classic sound with a twist, something of a rarity these days, but one that evokes the spirit of the American West, past and present.

Corb Lund’s 11th studio album, Agricultural Tragic, finally puts a name to the genre he’s been embodying all of these years.

90 Seconds Of Your Time
Old Men
I Think You Oughta Try Whiskey (featuring Jaida Dreyer)
Raining Horses
Grizzly Bear Blues
Dance With Your Spurs On
Louis L’Amour
Never Not Had Horses
Ranchin’, Ridin’, Romance (Two Outta Three Ain’t Bad)
Rat Patrol
Tattoos Blues

Website: Corb Lund