Lùisa over ‘Deep Sea State of Mind’:

“My song Deep Sea State of Mind is about diving down deep to untouched places of your own mind. It’s about unplugging yourself from the visual and superficial world. We’re flooded with images and expectations every day; we’re told to optimize ourselves and give constant output. Sometimes everything feels too much, too bright, too loud, we feel tired, we feel depression. Then our mind is seeking profounder answers and we’re looking for shelter and complete rest. When I wrote Deep Sea State of Mind, I felt this alienation towards the world, and I didn’t want to expose myself anymore, also artistically. The bittersweet isolation that came with it is the Deep Sea State of Mind for me.”

“The video shoot for “Deep Sea State of Mind” was a very special and very intense experience. We had three-night shoots from 8 pm to 5 am, shooting in the rain in the deserted nocturnal city and in the freezing cold North Sea in Denmark. The great filmmakers Jonathan Junge and Jakob Michal from flick really understood and interpreted the song in a very special way. Through their film concept, they have also taken up the collective experience of isolation and crisis, based on what we have all experienced over the past months. I’m very happy with what has been created through our collaboration.”

credit: Nikolai Dobreff