The Muggs – Slave To Sound Volume 5
Format: CD – Vinyl – Digital
Label: The Muggs
Releasedatum: 5 januari 2020

The Muggs: Detroit‘s best known unsigned blues rock trio. If you like old school rock n roll ala Led Zeppelin, chances are you‘ll like our original blues rock songs. “This is our 5th full length studio album (6th overall counting our double LIVE album).”
‘Slave To Sound’ was made at Hamtramck Sound Studios in Hamtramck, MI. Danny Muggs is one hell of a songwriter, writing so many different and exciting rock songs on this album with the addition of two of his favorite covers, Magnet And Steel by Walter Egan and Son And Daughter by Brian May and performed by Queen. We hope you have as much fun with this album, as The Muggs had writing and recording it!

Danny Muggs – Guitars/Lead Vocals
Tony Muggs – Fender Rhodes Bass/Harmonies
Todd Glass – Drums
Adam Cox – Piano/Organs
Scott “Gator” Anderson – Guitar on “Gator”
Bonnie & Caitlin Drinkard – Harmonies on “Eye To Eye” & “Magnet And Steel”
Peter Geloso – Backing vocals on “Slave To Sound”, “Gator”, & “Son And Daughter”
The Beggars – Singing on “Gator”
Ron “Uncle Bunky” Devos – Voice Actor on “The Boogens”
Aphrodite Nikolovski – Voice Actor on “The Boogens”

Website: The Muggs