Americana blues and swing

Bill Booth and Bill Troiani (THE BILLS) are both well established and experienced American musicians, who have been living in Norway for many years.

They have played together as a duo and in different bands over the years, but oddly enough, they have never recorded and released music together – before now (sometimes the best and biggest treasures are right in front of you …).Individually, these solid musicians have made their mark in the Norwegian music industry, covering a range of genres from blues to folk rock.

They have published their own material, (gaining national and international accolades), and worked with some of the greatest artists in Norway.With years of stage experience and a deep knowledge of American musical heritage, The Bills convey the essence of the American cultural character in a convincing and humorous way.Since 2012 veteran musicians Billy T and Bill Booth have performed extensively as a duo, combining Billy T’s soul and blues style with Bill Booth’s Americana and folk to create their own sound.

They are soon announcing the release of their first album as ”The Bills”.The new songs follow traditional elements of deep blues, swing, and country, combining their distinct vocal blend, Billy T’s driving bass, Bill Booth’s blues style fiddle and guitar work, with Alexander Pettersen’s rhythm on the drums. Billy T, from New York City is a two time Spellemanpris winner (Norwegian Grammy) whose last album with the Billy T Band, “Reckoning”- Big H Records, was featured in the prestigious American music magazine DownBeat:

”Troiani’s a confident vocalist and songwriter with a gift for conjuring wistful emotional states without being overstated or bombastic about it”. Frank-John Hadley : DownBeat July 2017

Bill Booth grew up in rural Maine, USA. His sixth solo album ”Some Distant Shore”- Wheeling Records, entered into the top 40 list in the Folk DJ Radio Airplay Chart in America, as well as airplay and reviews in both Great Britain and Ireland, including the BBC. “Some Distant Shore” was also nominated for a Spellemannpris (Norwegian Grammy award).


Billy T: Vocal, bass
Bill Booth: Vocal, guitar, fiddle
Alexander Pettersen: Drums

Text: Bill Booth & Billy T
Music: Bill Booth & Billy T
Recorded in: The Anneks Studio, Ellen’s Cellar
Produced by: Billy T og Bill Booth

Photo: Terje Johansen/Metaworks


01. TIL THE BLUES HAVE GONE music/text B. BoothSong with a positive and happy message shedding the feelings of loss loneliness which everyone has from time to time.. . Musical inspirations from swing, pop to a dash of New Orleans Blues. ”it won’t be long til I’ll be feeling strong, no it won’t be long til the blues have gone”

02. LAST CHANCE TO HURT ME music/text W. TroianiSometimes you have to face the fact that all your compromising, out of love, has been met with contempt. It’s a lost cause. Time to get out.

03. GOOD LORD DONE GONE music/text B.BoothTopics are murder, religion, police corruption, social and racial injustice. First verse has images of vigilantes and mob violence inspired by a true story by a black man who witnessed a lynching in the south in the 1960’s as well as the story of American folk icon John Hardy. The second verse deals with Police corruption on the highway and the last verse is inspired by recent gun violence and mass murders in church. Musical style ranges from blues to gospel. ”they rode him on the rail to the edge of town, he took one last look at the cold hard ground, I wonder where the good lord done gone”

04. SLIPPING THROUGH THE CRACKS music/text B.Booth and W. TroianiIdiom slipping through the cracks can either be used postively or negatively as The Bills discovered while discussing the meaning while writing the lyrics.Blues shuffle with a touch of country. ”no need to wonder who’s down under, just be happy you slipped through, slippin through the cracks..”

05. KEEPING THE BLUES ALIVE music B. Booth text B. Booth and W. TroianiSinger has a hard time forgetting a lost love who keeps the blues alive.”no matter how I try, my love just won’t die, it’s keeping the blues alive”

06. ASKING FOR MORE music/text B. BoothLyrical themes are greed and dissatisfaction in life and love. The grass may look greener on the other side but we all end up in the same. ”…it don’t matter in the end, the losers, winners rich or poor will be asking for more..” musically is a minor blues in a swing groove with vocal trade offs and repeating guitar and fiddle themes.

07. ALREADY GONE music/text B. BoothA song with an often humorous look at debt and squandering, tardiness, ending a relationship and environmental destruction. Musically is uptempo rock and pop.”tonight I just got paid but it’s already gone, been saving my money for a rainy day but it’s already gone”

08. DRIVING RAIN music/text B. BoothA melancholy but swinging up tempo rock number with lyrical images of a rainy night alone on the highway reminiscing. ”One way ticket, no return, lost in love, hard lesson learned..”

09. STILL MIGHT BE AROUND Music/text B. BoothAnother swing blues. Singer is unsure of a love relationship and considers leaving but is undecided when gazing upon the sleeping lover. ”when you wake up I still might be around..then again I might be leaving town..”

10. ROAD IS LONG music/text B. BoothA minor blues with lyrics dealing with life on the road and longing for home.”the highway life can get lonesome, like the sound of a passing train at dawn…”

11. SUN WAS GOING DOWN music/text B.Booth and W.TroianiA country blues with a humorous take on the day after a long night of hard partying. Has images and lyrical themes from traditional folk and blues songs.”when I woke up this morning, the sun was going down”

12. GRINNIN IN YOUR FACE words and music Son HouseA message from the great Son House.

13. DIDN’T KNOW WHAT I HAD music/text B. BoothA stripped down straight blues in traditional style with guitar, bass and fiddle solo.”didn’t know what I had til it was gone”

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