New album “THE BRIDGES” coming out

on 12th OCTOBER 2020

Croatian blues duo Sunnysiders is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a new, fourth album titled ‘The Bridges’ (coming out on 12 October 2020) welcoming a number of Croatian and international guests.

The winners of 2010 Croatian Blues Challenge and semifinalists of 2011 IBC, Sunnysiders once again demonstrate their unique style of songwriting, combibing theor original two-part singing with powerful sound of their guests as Manu Lanvin, Norman Beaker Trio and many others. The album is mixed at Ardent Studios in Memphis.

Boris Hrepić Hrepa & Antonija Vrgoč Rola / Photo by Milka Grozdanic

Sunnysiders also represented Croatia at the 3rd European Blues Challenge in Toulouse, played at Cahors Blues Festival and numeorous Croatian blues festivals.
They are proud to have supported Johnny Winter, Ana Popovic, Eric Sardinas, Manu Lanvin, and Eric Noden & Joe Filisko among others. Boris is also a president of Croatian Blues Forces, a Croatian blues society that received a Keeping The Blues Alive award, a member of Blues Foundation and European Blues Union and a art director of Thrill Blues Festival, one of youngest festivals here in Croatia but within the period of three years, as it has started, has become one of the most visited and media exposed festivals in the region. He is a blues mentor in Poprock school from Sisak. Poprock School pupils were three times in Memphis as a part of Youth Showcase, performing and recording in Memphis. At 2019 they wrote a song Keep The Blues Alive, dedicated to Croatian Blues Forces KBA award, and recorded it at Ardent Studios as a part of Croatian Blues All Stars Band The Memphis Expedition, along with kids from Poprock School.

01. Crossroads Of Your Own
02. When You Come So Near
03. Tiny Soul
04. Blockstop
05. Flogging a Dead Horse
06. You’re Not That Good For Me To Cry
07. Hood In The Face
08. No Pockets In The Grave
09. Not The One Of Those
10. Heaven Blues Band

Website: SunnySiders