Sound Of Smoke -Tales


Sound Of Smoke -Tales

Psychedelic Blues-Rock meets Soul

‘Tales’ will be out on Tonzonen Records February 18th, 2022

A magic mix of heavy and soft, occult and misty, paired with an intense live show, will take you on a trip deep into the land of spirit, wilderness and joy. Feel the energy and let it carry you far away. Enjoy the Sound Of Smoke!

Since 2016 Sound Of Smoke from Freiburg, Germany, are playing an independent mix of Stoner-, Psychedelic-, and Bluesrock. With her deep and warm soul-voice Isabelle Bapté forms the distinctive and individual sound of the band.

The band consists of Isabelle Bapté (vocals, keys), Jens Stöver (guitar), Florian Kiefer (bass), Johannes Braunstein (drums).

01. Strange Fruit 
02. Witch Boogie  
03. Indian Summer
04. Dreamin’   
05. Soft Soaper   
06. Devils Voice   
07. Human Salvation