Single I Walter Trout – I’ve Had Enough


Official music video for “I’ve Had Enough” by Walter Trout featuring the legendary Dee Snider. From the Walter Trout album,Broken

To go in the studio and recreate the mood of the song as we recorded it, is always challenging. And in walks Dee Snider and sets the whole experience on fire with his amazing, positive, entirely infectious energy!

True rock ’n roll swagger. What a blast we had, and I was sorry when the shoot was done. Thanks Dee! – Walter Trout

09 May – Paradiso – Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
10 May – Luxor Live – Arnhem, NETHERLANDS
12 May – Poppodium 013 – Tilburg, NETHERLANDS


Too many peopleToo many eyesToo many shadowsToo many liesToo many reasons to get awayToo many talkers, they got nothin’ to say
You know there ain’t no need to scream and shoutThe party’s over and the lights are outI’m gonna have to call your bluffListen to me, Mister
I believe I’ve had enoughLord, I’ve had enough (yea-yeah)
Lemme tell you somethingToo many preachersToo many rulesToo many politiciansToo many foolsToo many lawyersToo many banksToo many soldiersToo many tanks
I’ve been sanctified and terrifiedI’ve been denied and thrown asideYou might say that I’ve had it roughI got to tell you people
I believe I’ve had enoughI believe I’ve had enoughC’mon models, show me what you got
Too many hours in the dayToo many questions that won’t go awayToo much fireToo much rainToo much desireToo much pain
Can’t make sense of anythingI’m afraid of what tomorrow bringsWe all know that the days are toughSo let me tell you people
Lord, I’ve had enoughI believe I’ve had enough (yea, oh yeah)
I’ve had enoughI’ve had enoughI’ve had enoughI’ve had enoughI’ve had enoughI’ve had enoughI’ve had enough
Yeah, alrightHa-ha-ha-ha, damn
Walter Trout - I've Had Enough