Single I Sean Taylor – 2024


Sean Taylor – 2024
From the album ‘The End Of The Rainbow’
to be released September 13 2024

The first single: ‘2024’ is one of the songs songs about the darkness of the world, but it’s not as though we have a choice. Life doesn’t come with an alternative. No matter – ‘we have to carry on’ and we should ‘always ask for more’ … 

‘The End of the rainbow’ is an album of hope and despair. We are surrounded by war and deprivation. Fear and famine. Terror is the daily reality for so many of us. Never have we been so divided, desperate, and alone. At the same time, there will always be hope. Resistance through solidarity, our collective experience, and the power of our shared humanity.

The triumph of tenderness over cruelty.  


The queue for the foodbank
Curls around the block
Prices keep on rising
They’re never gonna stop
Which killer gets you horny?
Which dictator turns you on?
Is your idea of freedom
Sucking on the barrel of the gun

Always ask for more

The schools are falling down
There is sewage in the sea
Everywhere you turn
Is the start of World War Three 

How can you find a shelter
When you can’t afford the rent
When the future is a nightmare
And you’re living in a tent   

Always ask for more

We are not stardust
We are not golden
We are hurting
We are broken

Sean Taylor – Vocals & Electric Guitar
Errol Linton – Harmonica
Justin Carroll – Hammond Organ
Donna Edmead – Backing Vocals
Mike Seal – Electric Bass
Paulina Szczepaniak – Percussion & Drums


Sean Taylor – 2024