Single I Robert Jon & The Wreck – Dragging Me Down


Second Single “Dragging Me Down” From Upcoming Album ‘Red Moon Rising‘ Produced By Legendary Kevin Shirley, Echoing The Band’s Heavy Hitting Rock Roots

Robert Jon & The Wreck, the Southern California powerhouse, has just released “Dragging Me Down,” the second single from their eagerly anticipated album, ‘Red Moon Rising.’ This track is a testament to the band’s hard-rocking ethos and a bold continuation of their musical journey, showcasing their ability to blend powerful storytelling with unmistakable rock n’ roll grit.

Set for release on June 28th via Joe Bonamassa’s Journeyman Records, Red Moon Rising represents a new chapter for the band, infused with the spirit of renewal and the relentless drive of their rock roots.

“Dragging Me Down” is a “bonafide, heavy hitting riff-rock anthem,” according to guitarist Henry James. The song went through several iterations before reaching its final, compelling form under the guidance of legendary producer Kevin Shirley. Recorded at the prestigious Village in Santa Monica, California, “Dragging Me Down” offers a dramatic narrative of an ill-fated one-night stand, backed by punchy, overdriven guitars, pounding drums, and an anthemic vocal performance that demands audience participation. “This is sure to get you singing along and get your feet stomping!” says James.


Robert Jon & The Wreck - Dragging Me Down