Exciting Delmark News! Mud Morganfield new single


The new Delmark single from MUD MORGANFIELD! A new deep gospel blues original single “PRAISE HIM” featuring Mike Wheeler and Rick Kreher on guitars!

Delmark Records, the oldest continuously operating blues & jazz independent record label in the US, announces a major addition to its roster. Mud Morganfield.

Muddy Water’s eldest son just signed with the label. Morganfield’s first release on Delmark will be a digital single entitled “Praise Him”. The song, written and composed by the artist, will appear before September 1st.

Mud Morganfield at Delmark’s studio, with the label’s President Julia A. Miller and Artistic Director Elbio Barilari

Mullti-award-winning artist Mud Morganfield is an established star in the world of Blues music. The eldest son of the legendary Muddy Waters, Mud was brought up surrounded by many of the finest musicians in the Blues. Mud’s singing is firmly in best of traditions of Chicago Blues, but he is also a writer of great new songs and he is backed by some of the best musicians playing today. He is acclaimed by both critics and artists such as Buddy Guy and Jools Holland for his own musical ability,

Mud’s latest album, ‘They Call Me Mud’, was released on March 9, 2018, enjoying extensive airplay and great reviews.

Vocals: Mud Morganfield
Guitar work: Rick Kreher & Mike Wheeler
Bass: Mud Morganfield
Drums and shaker: Cameron Lewis
Keys: Luca Chiellini
Choir singers: Felicia Collins, Shantina Lowe, Demetrius Hall

Engineer Blaise Barton – Joyride Studios
Written, Composed and Produced by Mud Morganfield

Mud Morganfield - Praise Him