Kai Strauss – Guest In The House Of The Blues (official video)

From the November 27 album: ‘In My Prime’

Kai Strauss – In My Prime

Guest In The House Of The Blues
…is about my love for the Blues and what it means to me. The title is supposed to express my respect for the afro-american culture and the origins of this beautiful and expressive music. I have always been welcomed with open arms wether it was among American musicians and audiences or European.

I’m thankful for the hospitality I recieved in the house of the blues and I would love to share my passion with you.
Kai Strauss

Kai Strauss: guitar, vocals
Alex Lex: drums
Kevin Duvernay: bass
Paul Jobson: keyboards
Bernd Simon: rhythm guitar
Sax Gordon – saxophone
Alex Lee-Clark – trumpet
Brian Thomas – trombone