Single I Jaime Kyle – Driving With The Brakes On


JAIME KYLE releases single ‘Driving With The Brakes On’ featuring Kris Barras

A trailblazer for women in rock, and known as the goddess of rock and blues, Jaime Kyle has had an immeasurable amount of success over her years in the industry, and has now released her new single ‘Driving With The Brakes On’, featuring the amazing Kris Barras on lead guitar.

Jaime: “I was working on this album before covid. It was going in another direction and then I rediscovered how much I love singing blues. The riffing, being free to express myself vocally. With a rock edge, I feel the song soars with the painful emotional indifference and moody instability of not knowing what is going on in a relationship. Second guessing causes crashes. The forward motion stops abruptly, and I think you can hear the emotional frustration in my vocal. The music is haunting, hypnotic, and fiery all at the same time.”

Guest guitarist Kris Barras blisters on guitar.


Jaime Kyle - Driving With The Breaks On